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So Why Write About Change?

Life is not static. We make decisions and events occur each day that change us from who we once were to who we are today.

  • Changes Occur:
    • in our thoughts
    • in our behavior
    • in our attitudes and beliefs
    • in our perceptions of the world we live in
  • These change can:
    • be self initiated or feeling as though they were “thrust” upon us
    • acute or sudden
    • occurring slowly over time
    • be positive/good or negative/stressful
    • be initially believed to be negative but in retrospect have enhanced our lives
    • often represent a transition or altering of our self perception

It is when we stop and reflect upon our lives that we become aware of the origins and impact of these changes. Writing about these changes provides an opportunity for greater self understanding. Sharing these experiences with others through the written word provides the opportunity for others to benefit from our observations and encourages them to examine the changes that have occurred in their lives.