About Me

Pat has a B.S. in Psychology and was a psychotherapist for more than ten years but no longer offers psychotherapy. She is the Director of WomensVoices: An Enrichment Center for Women. She has several academic publications and has written and edited technical manuals. Pat is active in writing groups and member of the International Women's Writing Guild, the National Association of Women Writers, PEN and PNWA. She has published in the Chicago Wellness Magazine, The Story Circle Network "True Words from Real Women" 2006 Anthology, Kitchen Table Stories, the Moon Journal Press, and several issues of Releasing Times.

Pat has facilitated writing groups at WomensVoices in the Chicago suburbs, presented workshops at Borders Books, professional womens' associations, women's health clubs, Women's Resource Fairs and co-led panel discussions at the Story Circle Network Writers Conference.

Pat is currently facilitating two women's internet writing groups as well as on site writing groups at the public libraries.

Pat currently has three projects in the works: a novel, a publication based on survey data that examines the "midlife" woman's experiences and an inspirational anthology of women's stories of their journey to self understanding.